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Spending Your Way to Wealth

by Paul Heys

Its full title: Spending Your Way to Wealth: Setting Your Compass Course to Steer in the Direction of True Wealth, is an influential book that has been endorsed by financial experts and high school teachers alike as a revolutionary book that can help anyone achieve true wealth, and not just financial wealth. It has been purchased in bulk by college professors to use as text book material and in bulk by organizations to use as graduation gifts. In short, Spending Your Way to Wealth is a practical guide that teaches everything you need to know about achieving wealth that is not taught in the classroom but is invaluable to truly succeed in life.

 How This Book Is Different

This is not a “get rich quick” book or even a prominent financial investment book, even though the word “wealth” is prominent in the title. Does it cover finances? Yes, but that is only one small facet of what this book is about. In Spending Your Way to Wealth, the word “wealth” is written as a plural and is defined as an abundance of something of value. There are many things that we should pursue as wealth, not just money. We should pursue wealth in friendships, in memories, in satisfaction, and in just living a good life. Spending Your Way to Wealth helps its readers see the value of these different types of wealth and motivates them to pursue and benefit from them.

The word “spending” is also prominent in the title, and when people think of spending, they inevitably think of spending money. In this book, however, spending is defined as the exchange of one thing of perceived value for another thing of greater perceived value and involves more than just spending money. As humans, we can spend our time, our energy, and our knowledge in addition to our assets. The goal of Spending Your Way to Wealth is to teach its readers to spend in ways that will accumulate true wealth and to know the difference between the things that you want and the things that you need when making decisions.

Why I Wrote This Book

My career was as a financial advisor, and I spent a lot of time with individuals, corporations, and groups, teaching them what to invest in and how to allocate their resources. I found that my greatest success as an advisor, however, came from teaching people not what to invest in but, instead, how to go about doing it. People’s behavior, rather than what they invested in, made all the difference when it came to their success. The fear of losing money is so dominant in most peoples’ motivation they are quick to sell when they feel as though they have made a profit, but by doing so, they lose a substantial amount. If they had just left their investments alone, instead of a 50% gain, they would have had a 1000% gain over time. Their fear, however, caused them to behave in a way that was contrary to their best interests. This concept came to the forefront amid Coronavirus fears. People got scared and pulled their money from good investments when, if they had just left it alone, they would have seen substantial gains.

I have helped people with this problem, of being “normal” and caving in to fear regarding investments, one-on-one or groups, but have had minimal success helping people as a whole with this issue. So my purpose for writing this book was to get this simple message out to a large number of people. To get people to understand that fear is “normal,” but to act “normal,” when it comes to investing, will be a detriment to your success.

Behavioral Finance

Spending Your Way to Wealth is based on the premise that your behavior and the way that you spend your money for every financial decision impacts your ultimate financial success and your ability to accumulate wealth of all types, both now and into the future. This is commonly called “Behavioral Finance.”  People are inherently impulse buyers. This is also “normal.”  They buy things that they perceive will give them short-term pleasure when, if they had saved that money and instead invested it, they would have received long-term financial success. Take, for example, the decision of purchasing an extra $5.00 latte at Starbucks. Yes, you will probably enjoy it for the short term, but if you had instead saved that money, which you spend most every day, and put it into an S&P Index Fund, over 20 years you could have earned over $100,000. Saving that money, instead of spending it, is what I call gaining an “investorship mentality.”

On my website,, is an investorship calculator, free to anyone who drops by. It allows you to put in any amount you choose and whether that amount is a one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly expense, and see how much you would save over a long period of time as well as how much you would have earned if the money had been wisely invested instead of spent.

Investorship Calculator

Spending Your Way to Wealth shows you how being “normal” is not the way to financial success or wealth in many areas. Learning how to not give into impulse spending and buying, becoming what I call “normal plus” will lead to a happier life with much more accumulated wealth, whether that wealth be financial in nature or otherwise.

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Paul's book, "Spending Your Way to Wealth," is priceless. It's a fun, easy-to-read, and practical guide to spending and wealth that will change your life for the better. Get a copy for yourself and everyone you love!

08/30/2021 - 05:31 pm


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