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Is Your Brand Ready to Magnetize?

I’m Ellen Koronet, Chief Creative Officer and Principal of LNK Creative. We use something I call “brilliance-based whole brain marketing” to tap into the unique brilliance of your brand and broadcast it to speak directly with your best prospects and clients.

Our “gamified” (transformed into a game) lead magnet quizzes and brand personality typing tools produce warm leads and repeat buyers, which makes it easy to create a seamless stream of loyal referrals.


Reach Beyond the Habitually Thinking Mind

In today’s fast-paced, over-crowded electronic world, storytelling is essential: Research shows that opportunities for customers to recognize their own experience in the Brand’s Identity significantly increase sales.

The more interactive a Brand is, the better the Brand will be at making a case for the expertise and ability to resolve the customer’s “pain points.” LNK Creative uses decades of psychosocial, nonverbal, creativity-based training and practice to design accessible and easy to use tools that facilitate engagement.

A well-designed quiz or assessment not only provides insight tailored to the individual, but does so in the Brand’s unique voice, building trust, credibility, and “proof of concept.” This significantly increases warm leads, reduces effort and time for conversion to sales, and improves the customer experience (resulting in better product matches and less follow-up or fewer returns).

You no longer need to work at finding your best customers, and the entire process of discovery and matching is automated. When you personally step in, the relationship is already initiated – you know what this customer wants and needs, and they know why they should trust you to deliver just that.

Creativity is the New Currency for Serious Business

LNK’s clients find the value in working together begins with the early consultation process: Ellen Koronet uses her signature creative insight process and archetypal card deck to clarify, focus, and create a direct through-line from brand to customer.

In her three and a half decades in business, Ellen K has arrived at a precise understanding: The old ways of doing business aren't serving us. It is time to break down those boxes and freely share our excitement and compassion with each other. Contributing and communicating from a place of brilliance and joy unleashes an empowering connection.


Brands often immerse themselves in marketing to generate sales. What if executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals are really here to share our human spirit, passion, and creativity? What if, as we do, we exchange more value for value – organically, easily, authentically?

Every brand is an extension of the people who create and deliver it. By connecting through play and possibility, we can leap right into a solid relationship with people who truly resonate with us. It really can all start with the first "hello!"

Now is the time to draw on that organic, inner light. Are you ready to unhook your habitual ways of attacking marketing? Are you ready to free yourself from mostly logical, often hard-assed ways of getting things done?

It's time to ask big questions and listen for inspired answers.

It's time to dance with ideas.

It's time to create a 21st Century wholesome pathway to your unique imprint.


LNK Creative Clients are Redefining Their Brand Categories

Our clients often come to us knowing they want to create opportunities to make their future clients feel like they are seen and heard, so new leads will begin the process of getting to know the brand. The hope (and expectation) is that, early in the process, these potential customers will recognize that the product or service fits a need or desire, providing excellent value for the money.

Once Ellen K and the Client team dives deep into the LNK clarity process and begins to design a lead magnet, product quiz, or new client assessment, we inevitably discover more of the brand’s “secret sauce.” Whether initially intended or not, we end up redefining the way customers think about the brand, the category of products/services, or even the whole industry!


Some Examples of Game-Changing Quizzes

A Bridge To Wholeness  A Bridge to Wholeness: Practitioner Education Community

A Bridge to Wholeness is all about bringing practitioners from many modalities together to shift the paradigm of 21st Century health and wellness. A series of ABTW quizzes is defining this paradigm shift for patients and practitioners. The newest Wellness Coping quizhelps patients see where they are and how they can be empowered.


BioElectric Shield  BioElectric Shield: EMF and Personal Energy Protection Products

BioElectric Shield protects and amplifies well-being with EMF and personal energy protection products. Starting in 2016, LNK created a series of quizzes for BioElectric Shield. The Electromagnetic Fields protection quiz has helped thousands to identify this possible source of discomfort. Once armed with an understanding of how exposed the quiz-taker is, they are matched with the right level of protection, helping improve quality of life and sense of well-being. This quiz has significantly reduced the amount of effort needed to get the right level of protection to the right customers, meaning less phone time and fewer product returns. We also expanded the market for BioElectric Shield by creating a Personal Energy Sensitivity quiz that identifies five never-before identified subtypes of the “Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).” Both BioElectric Shield and HSPs have a new language, understanding, and methodology for coping in the 21st Century.

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Marion Morley rates this listing with

Ellen worked with me to create my quiz about manifesting and she was fabulous, going above and beyond helping me all the way. Encouraging me when I got stuck and a bit overwhelmed with the techi side. If you get a chance to work with Ellen you will be working with someine who not only knows her craft but guides you through with ease and with great humour and gentleness, with the odd nudge.here and there/ Thank you Ellen and I can highly recommend you

02/06/2021 - 07:52 am

+ 1

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Shannon Cassidy rates this listing with

Ellen is a brilliant mind, experienced technician and generous partner. She wants only what's best for her clients and those who take the assessments. Ellen's depth and breadth of experience enable her to offer advise, guidance and coaching while encouraging her clients to thrive. Highly recommend working with Ellen and LNK Creative.

01/04/2021 - 09:44 am

+ 1

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Irene rates this listing with

If you want a fun, interactive way to engage new clients, have Ellen create a quiz for you!

She is so talented and great to work with! You will love her!

12/30/2020 - 06:33 pm

+ 1

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