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Promote Your Brand

For companies and organizations looking for a new way to promote their brand or message, SteadyStraps® is the answer.

SteadyStraps® is the #1 new promotional product that consumers can put on their phone, take with them wherever they go, and use every day. Where else can you get this kind of EVERYWHERE, EVERY DAY advertising?

Why SteadyStraps®? People check their phones over 150 times per day, creating over 55,000 potential brand impressions per year. Now, every consumer can be your brand ambassador with SteadyStraps®!

Brand Benefits

1. Higher Promotional Value - Increased brand visibility to drive sales

2. Continuous Engagement - Engage your brand with consumer 150 times a day, 24/7/365

3. Most Total Impressions - Gain the highest number number of brand impressions (nearly 12x more than the leading product - outerwear)

4. Lowest Cost Per Impression - Reduce advertising expenses (14x less expensive than leading product - writing instruments)

5. Consumer Connection - Create a positive consumer experience to your brand

Consumer Benefits

1. Active - Use their phones more confidently on-the-go with full screen thumb-touch

2. Cost Effective - Reduce drops, accidents, and expensive repairs

3. Fashionable - 60+ designs that have a pocket-friendly, slim profile and attach securely with no adhesives

4. Versatile - Wireless Charging ready without removing or adjusting strap

5. Comfortable - Flexible, soft-tension elastic forms fit to hand and reduces fatigue





Steady Straps Collection

SteadyStraps® are not for sale, resale, distribution, or use in and/or importation to Canada. 


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The steady strap is a product so simply designed yet so effective.
It can be used by anyone regardless of their ability or disability. This is what it means to use universal design principles to develop products.
Comfort, painfree, and customizable designs! Wow!

07/26/2021 - 10:52 pm


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